Highligts for 2013 FY
Reserves and resources 235.5 million tonnes of coal
Under JORC*: 235.5 million tonnes of coal,

thermal coal: 138.6 million tonnes
coking coal: 96.9 million tonnes
recoverable reserves: 151.2 million tonnes
marketable reserves: 127.6 million tonnes
Under Ukrainian methodology: 331.5 million tonnes of coal, including
thermal coal: 179.6 million tonnes
coking coal: 151.9 million tonnes
balance: 222.4 million tonnes
off-balance: 109.1 million tonnes
* does not include license for 24.8 million tonnes of coking coal reserves acquired in December 2011
Operational indicators Total output of: 1.6 million tonnes of coal
Total output 1.6 million tonnes of coal, including:
— by segments of production

mining output: 1.4 million tonnes
waste processing: 0.1 million tonnes
— by type of coal
thermal coal: 1.2 million tonnes
coking and dual-purpose coal: 0.2 million tonnes
employees: 6 387 people
Financial data Revenue US$126.0 million
Revenue: US$114.6 million
Ukraine: US$11.4 million
export: US$21.1 million
EBITDA: million
Net profit: -US$16.9 million
EBITDA margin: 16.7%
Net profit margin: -13.4%

Public offering

The Company's shares were admitted to trading upon resolution of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange dated 1 August 2011 and introduced to trading upon resolution of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange dated 3 August 2011.

The Company's shares were offered in a public offering in Poland. The offer price for one share was established at PLN 20.00 and the final number of the offer shares was 11,252,780. The subscriptions from retail and institutional investors were accepted from 18 July 2011 to 21 July 2011. The new shares were allotted on 22 July 2011 and issued on 25 July 2011. The share capital was increased to 450,111.20 US$.

IPO prospectus Coal Energy Prospectus Supplement