December. The Company signed loan agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on obtaining 7-year loan in amount up to USD 70 million. Funds are to be aimed at financing the development of the Company’s waste coal recycling business, the construction of beneficiation facilities, mechanization of CwAL LE “Sh/u Blagoveshenskoe”, implementation of energy efficiency, environmental and safety measures program at Groups priority mines and providing working capital.

October. New coal waste processing plant Prepodobnih Antoniya and Feodosiya of Kievo-Pechersk was launched. The facility is able to process up to 1.4 million tonnes of coal waste dumps p.a. and is assembled from separate machinery blocks flexible for transportation to other coal waste processing sites in future.

April. The Group completed reconstruction of Postnikovskaya beneficiating plant that allowed processing of both thermal and coking coal grades, and switching between beneficiation of different coal grades without major production process interruption.


The following entities were integrated in the Group:
– CwAL LE Novodzerzhynskaya Mine (renamed in 2012 into CwAL LE “Mine St. Matrona Moskovskaya”) with 20 million tonnes of coking coal recoverable reserves or around 13% of total Group reserves according to JORC methodology (assets leased for 49 years),
– CwAL LE Sh/U Chapaeva (renamed in 2012 into CwAL LE “Sh/U Blagoveshenskoe”) with 44 million tonnes of thermal coal recoverable reserves or around 29% of total Group coal reserves according to JORC methodology (assets leased for 49 years).
The Group reached historical production maximum of 1,377 thousand tonnes of raw coal per calendar year.

Coal Energy's shares were admitted to trading on the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Poland. 25% of shares were placed on the stock exchange.


The Group’s holding company, Coal Energy S.A., was founded and acquired ownership of all Group’s subsidiaries. The Group accomplished audit of its mineral reserves according to JORC Code. The Group reached a historical production maximum of 1,040 thousand tonnes of raw coal per calendar year. Coal Energy upgraded Postnikovskaya coal beneficiation plant, increasing its capacity to 720 thousand tonnes per annum.


Three new mines were acquired: Svyato-Serafimovskaya, Svato-Pokrovskaya and Svyato-Andreevskaya.


Coal Energy acquired the Svyatitelia Vasiliya Velikogo mine. The Group acquired and completed  modernization of Postnikovskaya coal beneficiation plant hence increasing its processing capacity from 120 to 480 thousand tonnes of ROM coal per annum.


The Group acquired the Svyato-Nikolaevskaya mine and completed its overhaul. Initiation of a waste dump processing project, the first of such type in Ukraine, by Antracit LLC. The company started production of saleable coal from waste dumps.


The Group acquired its first coal mine, Prepodobnogo Sergiya Radonezhskogo, put into operation in 2002 after an overhaul.


Foundation of the first company of the Group - Donprombiznes LLC. The Company produced mining equipment and provided construction and consultancy services to the companies of the Ukrainian coal mining industry.